“We bring the idyllic side of Maldives to you.”

They say the sands of time wash away our woes. These pearl white grains of gleaming sand have now come to rest on our tranquil shores, lapped by turquoise lagoons and shaded by palms, to make the paradise of Maldives genuinely sublime.


But we have more to offer, if you care to indulge, ranging from the best dive spots and instructors, to surfing the best waves to countless water sports experiences. Explore the local culture and heritage with local island hops. While the balmy nights away to the island rhythms. Or just lie on the warm sand to contemplate the moon cresting the horizon and forget your cares for a while.


We are committed to deliver the most intimate experiences of your private paradise, packaged together with your personal aspirations of what a perfect getaway should really be.



One of the first travel companies in the Maldives, Sun Siyam Travels first started out as Sun Travels & Tours back in 1990. During the short 31 years since its beginning, our homegrown travel agency has burst onto the scene and proven itself as one of the leading forces in the Travel & Tourism industry of Maldives.


Over the years, the company has expanded its portfolio to include safari operations, guest services, transfer services, as well as air & ground handling services. However, the heart of this company and its strength continues to be the intimate relationships that it has nurtured with local resorts over the years.


30+ years of insider knowledge and experience in the game give us a bird’s eye view of all that Maldives has to offer, so creating your perfect tropical destination holiday is literally a (tropical) breeze.


The Sun Siyam Group, which was established in 1990, remains a privately owned company operating primarily in tourism and hospitality. Sun Siyam Resorts offers a curated selection of 6 exclusive world-class resorts, including four-star deluxe and five-star properties in the Maldives and one boutique resort in Sri Lanka.


With over 3,000 employees gathered under its colourful banner today, Sun Siyam and its subsidiaries are trailblazers in the Tourism industry of the Maldives. The Sun Siyam Group continues to explore and expand towards untapped horizons by venturing into new fields such as Construction, Media and Agriculture, among others.


Based in the Maldives, with sales offices scattered across Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas, Sun Siyam is the visionary creation of Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, the renowned Maldivian entrepreneur, and is one of the most forward-thinking and dynamic companies in the Maldives.