For centuries, it has been customary to welcome guests with open hearts, offering the best of the house to visiting guests. We offer the best chair in the house, the warmest food and the comfiest bed.
Considering the 27 weather patterns adopted through centuries old wisdom, the indigenous Nakaiy Calendar, at Oaga Art Resort, the aim is to provide activities for guests throughout the monsoons.
…dust off those travel bags, roll up your summer shorts, come enjoy what Maldives boasts…


  • Unique Dining Concept
  • Recording Studio
  • ADK Outreach Hospital
  • Largest Art Collection in the Maldives

Diving Equipment


Free WiFi



48.3 km from Airport

Swimming Pool


Transfer Type

Speed Boat

Beach Access

Veyoge Gallery Pool Villa


Veyoge Gallery Pool Villa

15 units | 56 sqm

Maximum Occupancy: 2 adults

Your very own mystical gateway curated as an Art Gallery, that recalls the magic of Khalid & Sitti’s legend. Oaga prides itself on collaborating with local artists to create whimsical

spaces and imaginative micro-experiences for you. The Veyoge Gallery Pool Villa is one such space that offers an exquisite collection of paintings, arts, crafts, and photography by talented local artists,  all handpicked for you.

Haruge Beach Villa with Private Pool


Haruge Beach Villa with Private Pool

20 units | 106 sqm
Maximum Occupancy: 2 adults and 1 child
Your sunlit beach escape, a story between the lines. Our Haruge Beach Villas with Private Pool feature a modernistic A-frame with angling roofs and a high-ceiling. Past the door, we invite you to dive into one of the most dear stories in  the history of Maldives, with brightly colored murals depicting the legend of two lovers — Dhon Hiyala aa’i Alifulhu.

Oaga Art Resort’s Haruge Beach Villas reimagine their epic story, full of splendor, magic, and wild creatures from the deep blue sea.


Kaa Kada

Dive into a stimulating frenzy  of sound, smells and varieties brimming with vibrant colour.

Sobi Bar

A curated collection of artisan beers and gin from around the world.


Welcome to our theatrical ticketed dining experience,where we make folk stories come true with earnest imagination!

Raa Baa

Come join us and fill up your glasses, there is plenty of joy and drinks to go around!


Hoba Spa

With its unique community healing vibe, Hoba Spa is a space of wellbeing where you can feel the simplicity, warmth and energy of the island lifestyle. Our journeys slowly bring transformation, re-connection and balance to body, mind and soul through the ancient knowledge of the Maldivian medicinal traditions, known as Dhivehi Beys.

Inspired by the local natural beauty, Hoba Spa combines local traditions and healing practices of the Maldives together with modern elements to deliver experiences that satisfy all intentions and desires, restoring equilibrium, enhancing natural beauty, and revitalizing the vital essence within.


Presenting pretty snacks galore to enjoy at your private pool!

Hold on to your swimsuits – these poolside snacks are hotter than freshly toasted buns!

Better get your ‘gram ready for this — Oaga’s Float-stagram is an aesthetic assortment of yummy snacks which deliver on that added oomph-factor to elevate your mood and keep your tummy happy!

Available daily, from 7AM to 10PM
Charges apply
Reservations required

Take Notes (Music)

Explore the groovy tunes playing in your head. Maybe you could write your own; you never know ‘til you try.

Music keeps our hearts beating in tribute to the oh-so-wonderful gift of life!

Every person has the rhythm in them. As you rest, recharge and celebrate at Oaga Art Resort, lets go through some basics and jam to the beating tempo of your heart!

Available daily, from 11AM to 12PM
Charges apply
Reservations required

O Fire (Bonfire)

A bonfire experience dedicated to community and togetherness.

It’s a bonfire, come on and light it up! Our best performers and songsters will be all geared up with their adventure-tales by nightfall. Are you game to join us?

Gather ‘round and share your stories — after all, we’re probably the only storytelling animals on this planet.

Available every Tuesday from 5:30PM to 6:30PM
Complimentary to join
Reservations not required

Picture-Perfect Picnic

A hearty picnic basket to help you switch things up in the wild, ready to go wherever your adventure awaits!

Sometimes, all anyone wants ever wants is a little peace and we can totally vibe with that.

There are times when a change in atmosphere can mean the world. This private picnic set-up is perfect to brighten shared memories of dining al fresco, or those precious moments spent meeting yourself outside the lines.

Available daily, from 7AM to 6PM
Charges apply
Reservations required

Offshore Adventures

Explore our vibrant coral reefs and discover the beautiful colors of the Parrotfish particularly abundant around this isle.

Are you ready for that adrenaline rush? Step into the vision of an adventure!

Choose to feel true exhilaration from our array of activities that include motorized watersports, trips to adjacent islands and non-motorized watersports activities included under our All-Inclusive package!

Available daily, as per weekly vibe schedule
Reservations required